Find the right rental car in Reykjavik

Car Rental in Reykjavik

Renting a car in Reykjavik is a good option for those who only need a car for a portion of their Iceland trip. If you plan on staying in Reykjavik and going on day trips outside of the city. Some rental companies allow you to pick up the vehicle at the International Airport in Keflavik and return it in Reykjavik or vice versa.

Type of Car Rental Need to Explore Reykjavik or the Rest of Iceland?

There are primarily two variables to consider when determining what type of car to rent for your Iceland vacation. First, you should consider the time of year. If you are visiting Iceland over the winter months of October through April, it is strongly advised that you rent a 4×4 vehicle, an SUV, or a jeep in case of ice and snow. These vehicles are made to get through the snow and ice that you will probably endure. Because of the ever-changing road conditions in the summer, an SUV or a jeep is also recommended if you wish to travel around the country. The second thing to consider is the size of the group you are traveling with.

How many people will need to comfortably fit, don’t forget to include the luggage. When selecting a vehicle, you must consider the number of seats available and the amount of luggage space available for your passengers and yourself. You will want something that will fit everyone comfortably for your Icelandic adventure.

Find the right rental car in Reykjavik

What is the Best Choice for Iceland Travels?

Cars in the 4×4 SUV/Jeep and Luxury categories are suitable for any regular travel in Iceland, regardless of the season. The manufacturer labels automobiles in the small and cheap category as city cars, which means they are ideally suited for driving in cities and towns. They may be unsuitable for rural driving, depending on the weather. It is not suggested that you rent a car from this category if you wish to travel throughout Iceland during the winter months. These cars are sufficient for any road travel in Iceland throughout the summer, although comfort comes at the expense of saving money for other activities and experiences.

Is the vehicle I have chosen appropriate for Highlands travel?

Small and cheap cars are not suitable for gravel or highland routes. These vehicles are designed solely for use on asphalt.  They are not appropriate for use on dirt roads, gravel roads, or F-roads. You will need to upgrade to a better and larger vehicle that can accommodate this type of terrain. Many car rental companies will state in their rental agreement or policy that it is forbidden to drive the car on gravel or F-roads. So please make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully, since you could be charged a hefty fee for breaking the terms and conditions, and it may lead to the insurance being voided due to contract term violations.

It cannot be understated how important it is to keep in mind that driving a car not designated for highland travel or a small and cheap automobile on any F-roads may void any insurance you may have gotten. You will then be responsible for any suspension or undercarriage damage. When in doubt, upgrade to avoid any hassle or issues you might run into along the way.

Rental cars in Iceland - Find the best deal on renal cars in Reykjavik

Can I pick up the car at my hotel or another location in Reykjavik?

Yes, most car rentals in Reykjavik provide this service for an additional fee. The booking widget for the vehicle you selected displays the various pick-up and drop-off location possibilities. If no such option is listed in the booking widget, this vehicle rental business does not provide pick-up in Reykjavik. Please keep in mind that this service may incur an additional cost. In some instances, it is because some rental companies only have offices in Keflavik.  Therefore they must bring the vehicle to Reykjavik. When searching for car rental in Reykjavik explore the right option for your travel itinerary and select a company that will not charge you extra fees for pick up or delivery at different locations.

How to stay safe while driving in Iceland?

One of the key things to do before you go out on your adventure to explore Iceland is to make sure to check the weather for the region that you are in. The weather in Iceland can be very unpredictable and you might experience all four seasons in just 30 minutes of driving. One of the best resources to check before starting your roadtrip of the day is to check the weather at which brings you local weather reports, and it is all available in English. Another great website to consider is where you can find all kinds of updates on road conditions and travel safety as well as register for daily safety updates. Road condition reports can be found on: . In general, as anywhere you will have to apply common sense and adjust your driving to the conditions. As mentioned before, you will always feel a lot safer in a 4×4 vehicle or SUV.

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