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Akureyri Iceland 1

Akureyri is the second biggest city outside of the capital area of Reykjavík, with a population of about 18.500. 

The town is located in the north of Iceland, and is in among the longest fjords in the country and is surrounded by mountains that reach the height of around 1000-1500m. Although the arctic circle is only just 60 km north of Akureyri, the climate and environment is quite moderate, with summertime temperature levels that  sometimes reach 25°C (77˚F) and winter season temperature levels that are on average around 0˚C or 32˚F.


Akureyri Town

The town is the centre of trade and services in northern Iceland. It is also a town of culture and education, as well as several successful businesses and industries. 

The town of Akureyri is a popular tourist location for both short and long stays and offers several possibilities as a base to travel into the surrounding towns and areas of interest in the north. The town has a wide variety of activities and interesting locations, noteworthy museums, the world’s most northerly botanic garden, one of Iceland’s most popular outdoor swimming pools, 18-hole golf course, the best skiing and snowboarding facilities in the country, excellent hiking trails and free city bus. Here guests can choose between varied accommodation and exceptional series of dining establishments, a few of which specialise in regional food.

Akureyri ChurchThe town is likewise a great base for many of Iceland’s most stunning natural wonders such as waterfalls, volcanic areas with geothermal heat and canyons in addition to amazing activities such as river rafting, hiking, fishing, whale watching and horse riding to name a few.


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