Car Rental In Isafjordur

Iceland Map - With Towns

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Explore the wild wild Westfjords on your terms. Often overlooked due to the distance from Reykjavik and sometimes snow heavy roads in the winter, you will not be disappointed by Isafjordur and the many marvels of nature in the surrounding areas and nearby towns. Many tourists appreciate the fact that there are fewer people around and they can enjoy the many wonderful sights without being in a crowd of people.

A town famous for culture and artistic expression, Isafjordur does also offer many interesting spots indoors. Several good restaurants to choose from and the famous Tjöruhúsið, that is by many Icelanders considered the best restaurant in Iceland.

Venture into the wild at Hornstrandir nature reserve where you will surely lose your breath from the stunning scenery and beauty of the landscapes that are often as dramatic as they are pleasant to view.


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