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The town of Egilsstadir (or Egilsstaðir) is a great base to start off your exploring of the East Coast of Iceland. Situated on the banks of Lagarfljót river, it connects via a bridge to Fellabær. As of 2022 the population is around 2.572 inhabitants and it serves as the main service center for the East of Iceland. Located approximately 395 miles (635km) from the capital of Reykjavik. You can drive there or take a domestic airplane for ca 45 minutes to start your journey of discovery.

The area is famous for particularly good weather in the summer it makes an ideal place to visit if you want to experience Iceland in the sun. Stunning nature in every direction, with a multitude of canyons, forests and waterfalls to explore. Egilsstadir is the natural center that connects to the fjords, and is located on the famous route 1 ringroad.

Make sure that you do not miss visiting Vök Baths on your way through, a natural geothermal infinity pool overlooking Urriðavatn lake. Also a visit to the famous Fellabakarí bakery is a must before any roadtrip.


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