Volcano Helicopter Tour In Iceland

Feel The Heat Of The Volcano

Iceland is famous for volcanic activity, and there have been eruptions every 5 years on average. 
Some are bigger than others, but always a magnificent display of nature’s forces when they do happen. The most recent eruption took place at the end of December 2023, near the town of Grindavik. It was the fourth eruption in that area since 2021 with the first one erupting in Fagradalsfjall that went on for a few months.

Now you have the chance to explore the incredible change in the landscape, only a short 15 minute flight from Reykjavik, you can see the lava fields and enjoy the watching some of earth’s newest patches of land. Although it is not currently active the area is believed to be entering an active volcanic period, which can last decades or even hundreds of years.

This tour will take you to see the fresh lava field and the new craters that have formed the landscape. The tour is around 40 minutes long, with regular departures from Reykjavik Domestic Airport.

Tour Details

Price of tours departing from Reykjavik
$550 pr person
Private tour – max 6 passengers $3200
Duration: 40 minutes

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VIP Helicopter Tour Iceland

The Full Monty

One of the most spectacular tours you can do in Iceland. You will truly have the most amazing experience seeing Iceland from above and visiting some of the most extraordinary places in Iceland from a vantage point very few have experienced.
Volcano Helicopter Tour In Iceland

Volcano Tour

The Fagradalsfjall and Merardalir eruption is quite the spectacle. This area had eruptions in both 2021 and 2022 and you can take a tour to explore the remarkable change in landscape. This area in the Reykjanes peninsula has entered an era of volcanic activity.
Helicopter Tour Iceland - Nature Highlights

Nature Highlights

Enjoy some of Iceland's most picturesque landscapes and wonders of nature from a birdseye view, including a few landings. This is truly a luxurious experience taking a helicopter to see the most significant parts of southern Iceland. Truly a great tour!
Eyjafjallajokull Glacier - Iceland Helicopter Tour

Glacier Express

What is the fastest way to visit a glacier? Yes, you guessed it, take this helicopter tour from Reykjavik and enjoy the extraordinary grandeur of Icelandic glaciers. The Glacier Express tour lets you visit Thorisjokull (Þórisjökull). Seeing is believing! Book now!
Silver Circle Helicopter Tour - Iceland Helicopter

The Silver Circle

Visit some of the highlights of the south west of Iceland. How about a visit to Iceland's tallest waterfall, the Thingvellir National park as well as the geothermal area of Hengill, which has natural hotsprings you can take a bath in any time of year!
Westfjords Helicopter Tour - Iceland Helicopter

The Westfjords Explorer

The Westfjords are often overlooked due to the distance from Reykjavik. You now have the opportunity to explore the best parts of the wonderful Westfjords by helicopter and still be back in Reykjavik for dinner. This is an amazing tour that takes between 8-9 hours.

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